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Canadians Are Asking, "Who Won The Race?"

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Man I'm really ticked off with Canadian television and NASCAR's lack of interest in making sure its races are televised in Canada. The race today was not broadcast on any network, either live or on same-day delay in Canada. Anything televised on TNT stands a good chance of not getting televised in Canada. SportsNet aired the Busch race last night on a delay right at the same time as the truck race was on. I had to watch both at the same time. Now I miss race #2 of the Chase. This sucks!

NASCAR coverage in Canada hasn't been this bad in about 15 years. I mean it, I've been following this sport for over 25 yrs, and I've never been as unhappy with the coverage as I am now. It used to be that we would miss about 2 races a year and those were the ones televised on TBS, so in order to get those races we upgraded our cable, but we can't do that now as TNT isn't offered. In order to get TNT I have to get an "illegal" satellite dish from the US and code in Buffalo's codes, but to be honest with you it isn't worth the effort. If NASCAR isn't putting in the effort to televise its series in Canada, I'm not putting in the effort to watch!

If NASCAR wants to expand into Canada, as evident by its purchase of the CASCAR series, then it must make a better effort to make its product available to the fans living in Canada. Missing numerous races (both Busch and Cup) throughout the year, especially in this day and age with all the technology we have, and especially during the Chase, is simply bush-league.

I hear Jeff Burton won, congratulations to him and RCR - I just wish I was able to watch it.