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RCR Being Sued

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Things just aren't going RCR's way this week, let me tell you. David Poole of the Charlotte Observer reports, "Anthony Corrente, who lost his job as assistant manager for engine research and development for RCR earlier this year, filed his suit Wednesday in Mecklenburg County superior court. It alleges wrongful termination, defamation and breach of contract against the team, which fields Nextel Cup cars for Kevin Harvick, Jeff Burton and Clint Bowyer."

Briefly, Corrente states that RCR used special inserts in the corner bolt holes in the intake manifold of the restrictor plate engines to allow more air flow into the manifold, thus creating more horsepower. When he tried to correct this problem and make the engines legal he was told to ignore it. Corrente then tried to get Harvick to help him, and he ended up loosing his job as a result. Now he is suing RCR.

How convenient that this lawsuit comes the same week that RCR has been accused of cheating and tampering with parts of the car to improve performance. It almost makes this lawsuit seem justifiable doesn't it? You know, once a cheater, always a cheater.

I think that this is going to get worse for RCR before it gets better even is they are innocent of the whole cut rim thing. 

I have something important to announce on Monday - it involves prizes! Stay tuned!