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Fourth Clue

Sorry this is a little late, but family obligations kept me from blogging last night. So far no one has given me the right answer, keep trying.

Kahne on the Pole - too bad there are no bonus points for fastest qualifier.

"Driven To Win" DVD Contest One:

Clue #1: Green and White
Clue #2: Not 88, but half (sort of)
Clue #3: Handsome, some might have said
Clue #4: Not Mr. September, but Mr. April

-Once you have figured out what this topic is you can e-mail me your answer at

-Multiple entries are welcomed, so enter often.

-The first person to e-mail me the correct answer wins one of the box sets. You must include a return e-mail address with your entry for contact purposes, your e-mail address will remain confidential, and be used for this contest only.

If you are interested in finding out more about this unique 2-DVD Set, or purchase a copy for yourself, please visit the link provided to the A&E Store
here. For a complete list of rules click here.