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Grumblings and Musings Before Richmond

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I'm looking forward to tonight's race. I should be able to see most of it - I hope anyway. As much as I hate the fact that the current point system "is all about consistently" - in other words "stroking" - tonight's little race has all the makings of being a good battle fight to the finish for all those fighting to either stay in, or get in the top 10. Just as an aside, speaking of the current point system might I also add my complaint about the current rule system, if Kyle Busch wasn't allowed to use 5 "Lucky Dogs" to finish 11th it would be a different story for him tonight. But I digress.

In other things;

Kyle Petty and Mikey Waltrip will be watching the race from their big comfy couches tonight like the rest of us. That hurts Kyle's chances of getting into the top 35 owner points as well and really, it is no surprise to me that Waltrip didn't make another race. If I were Toyota and NAPA I'd be just a little concerned right now about next year.

Harvick wins in Busch again. Did you know that he miss next 3 races and still have the lead? That's dominance. Kevin was quoted after the race last night as saying, "I really feel like our Cup car was quite a bit better than our Busch car in practice". If this is true, everybody in tonight's race better watch out for Kevin.

In a post-qualifying interview Jeff Gordon was asked, " Did your teams bring extra people to help out in case something happened?" To which he replied, "I did happen to hear Steve Letarte mention something like that, but I don't know the people's names or anything like that or specifics or whether they were here today or not. They'll be here tomorrow. I did hear conversations about getting the car turned around and back on the track as soon as possible." With that being said, I hope they packed the kitchen sink too! By the way, RCR brought extra people to the track for Jeff Burton as well and based on things done in the past I know they did bring the kitchen sink.

Mark Martin says that he isn't going to buy Robert Yates Racing. There are a few stories out there regarding what Mark said, but it is what he didn't say that is interesting to me. He said he hasn't discussed any plans about 2007 over the last few weeks, and that it really hasn't been "on the front burner". Loosely translated this could mean that he is buying part of RYR not all as was reported, and the reason why he hasn't discussed any plans these last few weeks is that they are already done, that is why it isn't on the front burner. Roush still has five teams and NASCAR says he can only have 4, so where is the other team going to go? To RYR with Mark as a part owner on thus connecting RYR and Roush Racing together to form, at least indirectly, a giant RYR/Roush Ford Monopoly. But I could be wrong. Sounds good though, doesn't it.

This is it for me today. I won't be in a position to write anything after the race tonight so I'll be posting later in the day on Sunday.

I've been having "issues" again with Blogger regarding picture uploads so here is the
link for the picture I wanted with this post. It is a good one of Dale Jr.