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Jeff Burton Sounds Off at Bob Dillner

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Frankly, I was a little beside myself when I read the article on regarding Jeff Burton's opinion of what NASCAR and RCR call a false report made by Bob Dillner this past weekend regarding tire manipulation of the 29 and 31 cars at RCR. Jeff Burton actually swore! Whoa!

"It's pissed us off," he said. "It's made us mad. It's made us very mad. We've done nothing wrong. We have no trick that's made us run well. We've worked hard. We've worked smart. And someone in the media who chose to use unreliable sources has tainted that. And it pisses me off and it pisses my team off and I have little patience for it." Good stuff I say!

What is interesting about this article is that Dillner was contacted and all he had to say was that he stood by his story. That's it, nothing else? How about telling us where you got your story from, that'll do.

Speed Channel is also sticking by Dillner, and in a way I kind of respect them for it, but if I were them I would still want to get to the bottom of the story and find out who is feeding him this erroneous information. (Update: Apparently Speed has launched an investigation into the matter, but I can't positively confirm that just yet).

This situation can get blown out of proportion very quickly and all parties will suffer if it isn't resolved in due time. If what NASCAR and RCR say is true, then I think that Dillner and Speed will end up on the wrong end of the tail pipe, if you know what I mean. If however, this story is true then NASCAR is faced with a huge embarrassment of US Grand Prix F1 proportions.

Burton went on to say, "We had nothing wrong with a wheel. Nothing. There was nothing NASCAR looked at that NASCAR had a problem with. There's nothing we're not able to take back. Bob's story is a fabricated story by someone. When I say that, I'm not saying Bob fabricated this story, I'm saying someone did, and Bob chose to believe someone that doesn't have the facts."

Interesting way of putting it. Burton seems to agree with Harvick about the passing of misinformation to Dillner by someone in the garage area, who is apparently "in the know". Someone who Dillner believes so much that he didn't check his facts before he went public with the story. There seems to be good info that was given to him, ie., exact depth of cut in the wheel, and the tool used for it to be a total fabrication made by himself.

The only thing Dillner is guilty of is not checking his facts properly, and for sensationalism, but when you are part of the respected mainstream media like SpeedTV you shouldn't be guilty of those things - you must always check your facts, no matter how reliable your source is.