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Jeff I Know You're Upset, But Enough Already

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All I can say is, "Hey Gordo, quit your whining." Here is the latest drivel to come from Jeff regarding Vickers running him hard at New Hampshire last week.

"He's my teammate, but he's not my teammate because he's moving on next year. I raced him harder than he wanted me to race him earlier in the race. I could give all the reasons and excuses, but it doesn't do any good. There in the closing laps, that could have been crucial. It did cost us time. Right now he's in a tough position. He's moving on to a new team. He hasn't been able to win races like other guys at Hendrick Motorsports. He wants it bad and he's driving hard and I think it was just a little lapse in judgment."

I'm sorry Jeff, just because you are a 4-time Champion and a cup contender this year doesn't mean that people are to lay down before you and let you do what you want whether they are part of the same racing organization or not. This isn't F1, its NASCAR. Why do you think the F1 drivers are coming to NASCAR? To get away from this kind of racing mentality.

Vickers has a responsibility to his sponsors just as you do and by racing you the way he did he got good air time for his sponsor which he wouldn't have gotten if he just let you pass. Also, as Jeff stated, Vickers wants to win, that means he has to finish in front of Jeff and not behind him.

Give it a rest Jeff, or you just might get the bumper from your "sort-of" teammate when you really needed a good finish. Understand? If I were in Vickers' situation I might be inclined to do it, especially if it were at Homestead and you needed the finish to secure the Championship. What are they going to do fire me? Heh! Just close your mouth now, before you can't get your foot out.

I have something important to announce on Monday - it involves prizes! Stay tuned!

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