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Kahne Sweeps California and Other Things

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Congratulations to Kasey Kahne for winning both the Busch and Cup races this weekend at Fontana. He's just 30 points out of the Chase right now, but I think he's going to need a little help. Unless one of the top 10 either blow up or wreck I don't think Kasey will be able to race his way in, but I've been wrong before. Kasey got his first victory at Richmond and that is where the NASCAR traveling Extravaganza is headed to next, so he definitely knows how to get around that track.

You know, that'll be pretty sad if Kasey doesn't get into the Chase. Here will be a driver that has won 5 races to date (20% of the races thus far) and he doesn't even make the Chase. This says a lot about the current point system - it stinks!

Other things of note from tonight's race:

- Reed Sorenson could have at least waited until the last lap to run out of gas, it would have made it a little more exciting. If I were them I would have done the same thing too - if anything it was good for the sponsor.

- Did you see the photographer almost get run over by the golf cart while running to the start/finish line to get a picture of Kasey getting the checkered flag? If not, watch Speed when the replay the race later this week, that guy is lucky to have both his legs in one piece let me tell you.

- Alright, if you were Ray Evernham wouldn't you and Erin lay low for a little while and let this media thing blow over? I thought you would say that, me too. Then why was Erin standing just a little bit in the background while they were interviewing Ray after the race. He Erin, next time move over a little bit so the camera doesn't see you, o.k. hon?

- My hat is off to Clint Bowyer who only mentioned his sponsor once during his post race interview - it was nice to hear a driver talking about the race instead of his sponsors for a change.

- One last thing, why don't they change the track schedule to allow the Cup teams to practice when the track is closer to race conditions. The drivers practice during the hottest time of the day when it is a lot more slick, yet they race in the late afternoon/evening when the track is cooler. They could at least give the teams a chance to practice their cars early in the morning when track temperatures are cooler. It might have made for an even better race tonight if they were able to practice when the track is closer to race conditions.

-also, did anyone see the Dodge commercial with Jeremy Mayfield in it, or was I just lost in a racing trance at the time? I could see Dodge airing the commercial if Jeremy still drove a Dodge, but he is a Toyota driver now - clueless.