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Odds and Ends

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I've had a long day, I feel like I've been in Maximum Overdrive for days, so here are a few thoughts about the racing world before I turn in for a long autumn's nap.

1) The new Vegas track looks good.

2) Nice to see Skinner in Victory Lane again. He always gives good interviews. My favourite quote of his, "I'd wreck my Mother for a win." I was listening to him on my scanner in Michigan when he was driving the RCR #31 and his car was bad loose. He went into turns 3&4 and got sideways, but held onto it. While he was sideways he keys the radio and yells, "Yeeehaaaw!!!" until he's straight again. Man that was entertaining! I'd like to see him in Cup again - someone give him a chance, he'd give it his all, I know he would. I don't think that man knows how to stroke.

3) Nice to see Bowyer in Victory Lane. Good digs at Dillner too, by both him and Harvick. In a way I hope that this is the last thing that is said about the issue from now on - except if a RCR car wins tomorrow, then I wouldn't mind a Dillner dig. After that RCR should make a policy to stop talking about it, move on and focus on the Championship. To quote one of S.E. Hinton's characters (Bryon I believe), "That was then, this is now." A good philosophy for RCR to follow after this weekend.

4) I'm done trying to figure out what Mark Martin is going to do next year. I'll wait until he has actually signed his name to a contract.

5) So what if Gordon hasn't won a pole in a long time. They don't mean anything anyway, it would be different if he got bonus points for it. Even Dale Earnhardt hardly won any poles, why bother when you are guaranteed a starting spot anyway. Why not go out and focus on racing set up instead. Congratulations to Jeff anyway. They could have given him an ironed Bud Pole flag instead of a wrinkled one, it looks like someone had it crumpled up in their back pocket.

6) Bed is looking good now ... Good Night! Let's hope for a safe race tomorrow!

I have something important to announce on Monday - it involves prizes! Stay tuned!