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Paul Tracy In NASCAR Is a Good Thing

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Paul Tracy gives good interviews. He's honest, frank, and at times humorous. His interview on Trackside this morning was all that.

Answering why NASCAR was such an attraction for him he came right out and said, "The money". Not pulling any punches here, are we? Paul went on and added that only a few drivers, himself included, make good money in Champ Car, but not everyone else does - at least not like in NASCAR. With Paul stating that publicly what does that really say about the Champ Car series? I mean we all know that since the split between IRL and CART (now Champ Car), that both series have suffered, but what state is are they really in? And by the way, he did say that the NASCAR field is more competitive than Champ Car.

Maybe having Paul come to NASCAR would be a good thing, provided he lands in a good ride. Paul won't leave his good Forsythe Racing Champ Car seat for an also-ran seat in NASCAR, he's not that stupid. Hey Jack, need someone to fill the #6 seat? Mark Martin is definitely not coming back. And no, he doesn't expect to win right away - he "still has much to learn about these heavier cars".

Here is why having Paul in the NASCAR Cup series is a good thing; he isn't afraid to wear the "black hat". Just look at the picture above, he dressed up as an evil wrestler to "take on" the French Canadian crowd who were a little upset about a wisecrack that that he made about "French guys keep their helmets on" when they fight after he had altercations in two previous races with Bourdais and Alex Tagliani of Lachenaie, Quebec. I mean they were even spitting on him days before the race.

Also, he races to win. Period. I've seen him having a good points day and throw it away for a chance to win rather than "settling" for second or third. I'm not doing any comparison here, but the only other driver I've ever seen do that was Dale Earnhardt. I remember Dale spinning out trying to hold off Ricky Rudd late in the race at North Wilkesboro back in the early 90's and he lost the race and several positions (and points) as a result.

Maybe he is the John Force that NASCAR needs right now, he certainly fits the mold.