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Pete Rondeau Article Creating Debate On Blog Site

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There has been a certain little newspaper article about Pete Rondeau (former Dale Jr. crew chief and scapegoat) that Racegirl commented about at her site Chick's View that has started a comment frenzy (almost 50 by now I would guess).

The issue of debate; is Teresa Earnhardt a good enough leader for DEI, and in particular Dale Earnhardt Jr? Racechick thinks not, especially after reading the Pete Rondeau article. I must say the Pete Rondeau article left me with a bad taste in my mouth too, but does what happened to Pete mean that Teresa is a bad leader? I don't know, but what it does mean (if we are to believe the article) is that she let family matters get in the way of good business decisions. Whether or not she lets that happen again will prove if she is a good leader or not.

I think she has done what she has thought was right in saving the company on the business side after Dale's death, but let the racing side slide a bit because they were pretty competitive. Once the various business battles were over she realized that the company was now lacking on the racing side, and allowed herself to get caught up in the Tony Eury(s)/Dale Jr. family feuds and instead making them settle their differences she put Pete up for the job, and when the performance on the track didn't improve Pete was made the scapegoat.

Instead of looking at the organization internally, she went with a "quick fix" and moved some personnel around. When that didn't work Pete was let go, and the Eury's were brought back in with no significant improvement by the end of the year. This forced her to take a hard look at the organization from the competition level and found that they were now behind in technological development and has now begun to focus on that side. Even Jr has been quoted that their engines are lacking horsepower, a few years ago you wouldn't have heard Jr say that.

Next year will be a trying one for them now that Toyota has come into NASCAR. If DEI doesn't get their act together soon the Garage-Mahal that houses DEI will become the Empty-Mahal, especially if they keep losing sponsors to Toyota, like NAPA. What if Dale Jr decided to leave, do you think Budwieser would stay with DEI? No way, they would go with Jr and DEI would be left out in the cold.