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RCR Caught "Pushing The Envelope"

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In the post-race inspection at New Hampshire today both of the RCR cars in the chase were found to have "interesting" modifications done to the wheel rims. Bob Dillner reports, in his article for Fox Sports, that both of the RCR cars of race winner Kevin Harvick (#29) and Jeff Burton (#31) were found to have modifications to their wheel rims to allow for a somewhat constant air pressure in the tire, making the car more consistent to drive.

According to Dillner, "In short-track racing, we know all about the super late models, whether it's on dirt or asphalt. You have something that's called a bleeder valve, which releases the pressure to help the guys get the proper pressure that they need. Well, you can't use a bleeder valve in NASCAR Cup competition, but what the team did here is they laser-cut the rim to .003 of an inch in one part of the tire. That actually allowed some air to escape from the rim, and it was a performance advantage basically for the No. 29 and the No. 31 teams. There's been a lot of talk this year about teams doing this sort of thing in the garage area, but nobody was ever caught with it".

Since this is a "gray" area in the rules and there is no written rule as of yet to stop this, there probably will be no fines, suspensions, or loss of points to any of the involved teams. Well then, is this cheating? Yes and No. Yes, if you are one of the other 41 cars out on the track. No, if you read the rule book and obviously NASCAR will go along with that interpretation, but NASCAR has told RCR that they should not do this in the future. I can only assume there will be a new rule written in the near future about this.

Wait, stop your yelling about RCR cheating. What makes this any different than Jimmy Johnson using those "neat" shocks last year before he got caught? Nothing.

NASCAR has a rich history of rule manipulators and benders, and there is a lot more of it going on than people know about. How do you think RCR won 6 Championships? By pushing the envelope, that's how and that doesn't make them any different than any other team out there. Hendrick, Roush, Gibbs, and others before them like Junior Johnson, and Smokey Yunick are all masters at "pushing the envelope" to get that advantage, or edge, over the competition. That's how teams become winners - not by following the competition, but by leading it.

Again, I'm having problems uploading pictures - here is the
link to the picture I wanted for this post. It is a picture of Smokey Yunick's infamous "envelope pushing" 1966 #13 Black and Gold Chevelle.