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RCR is "Revin' For Seven"

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With two drivers in the chase RCR stands a chance of winning a Cup Championship with a driver other than the late great Dale Earnhardt, who won 6 of his Championships while driving for Richard Childress Racing.

This is the first time any RCR driver has been involved in the Chase format since its inception two years ago. In a recent
interview Richard spoke about RCR's low spot in 2001 to its resurgence back as one NASCAR's top Organizations.

"We were prepared to win a championship in 2001, and then we lost Dale and things just started getting away from us," Childress said. "Kevin helped a lot by getting us through the transition, but as we got through 2002 and 2003, we really just sort of got behind and came pretty darned close to rock bottom."

"A lot of it was my fault because I wasn't energetic, I dreaded going to the race track. It just got to a point where I looked around and said, `I've got to fix this thing, I've got to get this thing turned around.'"
"We're as good as anybody out there right now, and we've still got improvements we can make and areas we can shore up," Childress said. "If we get it all figured out, we'll be hard to beat."

With Kevin Harvick running strong as of late, sweeping both the Busch race and Cup race at Richmond last week, and sitting 3rd in points while at the same time dominating the Busch Series, RCR could do something that no one has ever done before - win the Busch and Cup Championships the same year, with the same driver. This is something that would be truly amazing, and this isn't the first time that RCR has done something similar to this. In 2001, after Dale died, Kevin took over in his place and won Rookie of the Year in Cup, while at the same time taking the Busch Series Championship - something that had never been done before. The only thing as close to this was Dale Earnhardt's winning the Rookie of the Year his first year driving in the Cup Series and then winning the Cup Championship the very next year.

What a fitting tribute it would be to the RCR organization, and to the late Dale Earnhardt, if Kevin were to win both of the Championships, in this the 3rd year of the Chase format.

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