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Things To Mention Before The Weekend and Clue Three

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1) I've been getting some interesting ideas as to the answer for the contest. No one has been close - yet. Check out the next clue at the end of this post.

2) Did anyone see the video from the ARCA sanctioned race in Toledo last weekend? It even made the Canadian National News. They won't show NASCAR hi-lights, but they'll show that - go figure. If you haven't seen it, here is a
link to the video and the AP story. This sort of disturbs me a bit to watch. If that guy can get so out of control at the race track what is he going to do in the real world where accidents occur all of the time? Robby Gordon's tame compared to this guy.

3) In contrast to #2, how about the sportsmanship displayed between Burton and Kenseth during the last 20 laps of last weeks race as well as after the race with the handshake out the window? Awesome. Hey, Carl Edwards, are you taking notes? Boy I haven't picked on him in a while. That is what I really like to see - good clean racing, and everyone pumped about it at the end with no hard feelings between each other, only with your crew who couldn't calculate the fuel mileage correctly.

Juan Pablo Montoya is making his "stock car" racing debut in the ARCA race at Talladega next weekend. I was supposed to be at that race next week but other "commitments" are keeping me from going and I had to give up my tickets. I know, I know, I hear you - but what can I do? There'll always be another race.

The issue that people have brought up over the last few days regarding Juan's entry into the ARCA race is this: Why? Why not the Busch race? What are his requirements for a NASCAR license? Does he have to do this?

I truly think that Juan is easing himself into this NASCAR thing. The ARCA cars are similar to the Cup/Busch cars, in fact some of the ARCA cars are old Cup cars with new skins. I think that the level of competition in the ARCA race will be more of Juan's speed right now as he gets used to the heavier and harder to control stock car compared to his F1 machine. The ARCA drivers will probably give him the respect that he deserves, while some of the Busch drivers and Busch Whackers might not. The concept of the bump draft is not as of much importance in ARCA as in Busch and Cup, this makes it more of an ideal situation for Juan to get the feel of the car, and not be pushed around in the process. Don't worry you'll see him in a regular Busch/Cup car soon enough.

"Driven To Win" Contest One:

Clue #1: Green and White
Clue #2: Not 88, but half (sort of)
Clue #3: Handsome, some might have said

-Once you have figured out what this topic is you can e-mail me your answer at

-Multiple entries are welcomed, so enter often.

-The first person to e-mail me the correct answer wins one of the box sets. You must include a return e-mail address with your entry for contact purposes, your e-mail address will remain confidential, and be used for this contest only.

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