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Tony Stewart Wrecks Primary Car, Must Use Back-Up Car

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So Tony Wrecked his primary car and he has to use his back-up. Big Deal (note sarcasms here)! I think his back-up car is better anyway. From what I hear the car he wrecked was a new chassis and hadn't been in a race yet, but his back-up car has;

The History of Chassis No. 103:
This was a brand new race car with its first track time of any kind having come at last year’s fall Richmond race. It enjoyed a solid outing at the .75-mile oval, coming from 25th to as high as third before finishing seventh. The 2006 season started out extremely well for Chassis No. 103, where at the spring Martinsville race it started third and led five times for a race-high 288 laps en route to its first career victory. It was Stewart’s first win of 2006, his second at Martinsville and the 25th point-paying win of his career. Chassis No. 103 will make its third career start in Saturday night’s Chevy Rock & Roll 400 at Richmond.
Compliments of The Frontstrech

Also, for those of you who know me there are some "3 Factors" at work here. Let me explain; 1) the back-up is Chassis #103, note the last digit is a 3, 2) this is the 3rd time ever that he has gone to his back-up car due to a practice crash, 3) this will be the 3rd Chase For The Cup that he will be in if he makes it, and this is the 3rd career start for this chassis. He can't lose with all this "3 Factor" stuff going his way. My prediction, Stewart will either win or finish 3rd. Take it to the bank!