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Too Much Too Say, Not Enough Time ...

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Where to start? There is just so much that I want to talk about so I'll just get to the "meat and potatoes" of it and I'll just be doing this in point form.

NASCAR Nextel Cup Series veteran Ken Schrader finally got to the Winner's Circle at the historic Du Quoin State Fairgrounds where he has wanted to win for a long time. Driving his Federated Auto Parts Chevrolet, Kenny won the 54th annual ARCA RE/MAX Series Southern Illinois 100 on Monday. Schrader had the fastest practice speeds, the Pork Pole Award, and led 63 of 100 laps. This was his 14th career RE/MAX Series win in his 42nd series race.

2) An interesting
report from Jim Utter of the Charlotte Observer, thru the Mercury News, (near San Jose, California) in where NASCAR doesn't allow the TV networks to televise the race car's telemetry (in particular the speed) while it is on Pit Road due to safety issues and the "speeds are checked by calculating an average speed between two points, through a series of "loops" on pit road. It is not a snapshot of a car's speed, like a radar gun used by police (or the car's telemetry) would provide". But you can still beat the system - by "choosing a pit stall that ends just short of a loop could allow a driver to accelerate entering the stall. A violation would be unlikely since the car is stopped for several seconds and the average speed between loops is well below the maximum".

3) 26 year old Casey Atwood
returns to the Busch Series replacing Jeff Green in the Brewco #27 car beginning this weekend at Richmond. Great to have him back! He can't be all washed up at 26 can he? No, he just got a real bum-steer from Evernham Motorsports.

4) Villeneuve says only
interested in NASCAR now. "If I was going to drive again, it would have to be NASCAR, that's all," the 35-year-old, 1997 F1 Champ who split with BMW Sauber last month, stated. Interesting statement. I hear that Jack Roush might need someone to drive the #6 car next year ...

5) It was reported in NASCAR Scene that the probable date for the Busch Race next year in Canada is on July 22. What is the significance you ask? Well, it just so happens that that date is currently free on the Cup Series schedule which will give Cup drivers a chance to drive in the Busch race that weekend. I'm going, try and stop me! Viva Le NASCAR!

More Later.