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Who Is Going To Win The Championship? Let Me Tell You

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One of two drivers whose last names begin with the letter "H". Harvick and Hamlin.

Why Harvick? Simply put, Harvick is on a roll and he is relaxed. If Harvick can handle the pressure of taking over for the late Dale Earnhardt the next race after his death, win 3 races later, finish 9th in the points at the end of the season, all while running a full Busch schedule (and win the Busch Series title and Cup's Rookie of the Year in the process) he can certainly handle the pressure of being in the Chase. Case in point - smashing pie in face of Hamlin during qualifying and then going out and taking the pole position.

Why Hamlin? He is a rookie. What, you say? It is simple, he hasn't been around long enough to truly understand the real pressure of being in the Chase, even the late Dale Earnhardt said he didn't really understand what it was to win a Championship when he won his first in 1980 - he too was a "young gun" at the time and no one expected him to win either.

If I had to choose between being in Jimmy Johnson's position or Denny's, I would pick Denny's. No one is expecting him to win the Championship so there won't be the kind of outside pressure put on him to win as there will be on the likes of Johnson, Kenseth, Gordon, and Earnhardt Jr.

Also, he is driving for Joe Gibbs Racing, who has won Championships in the past, including last year with Tony Stewart - they know how to get it done.

Example of feeling less pressure - pie in face of Harvick during Regis and Kelly on national television.

Poll Stuff:

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