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Dale Earnhardt Racing Suit and Shoes Stolen

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"Dale Earnhardt Sr. had just finished testing the new Texas Motor Speedway track in the spring of 1996 when he strode into speedway President Eddie Gossage's office with his racing uniform in hand.

'He came running into my office and threw it in a chair and said, 'I want you to have this since it's the first time I ran laps on your track,'' Gossage said.

Later that day, the NASCAR legend returned. This time he brought Gossage a pair of racing shoes that had made been made specially for the racer by Nike. 'He said, 'There's two pairs of this in the world. Now you've got one and I've got one.''

The gifts from Earnhardt, who was killed in a crash on the final lap of the Daytona 500 in 2001, are now gone, discovered missing from a locked closet in the speedway's administrative offices last Thursday.
" for more of the article go to
Fort Worth Star Telegram.

I just can't believe that some one in Gossage's position wouldn't take better care of the Earnhardt memorabilia. If it meant so much to him, then why put it in a cardboard box in a "locked" closet. Man if that were me, I would have had it in a different place, without anyone's knowledge of where it was. I would personally have handled the suit and shoes, with no employee involvement. But I digress.

Personally I hope that Gossage gets his stuff back so that he is able to again share it with the public and the many Dale Earnhardt fans. These are now museum pieces and should be treated as such. Am I way overboard on this? Perhaps, but if the demand is there for these items and others like them then so it shall be.