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Back In The Day Winner #2

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Here is the other winning entry for the "Back In The Day" Contest. I know this is over 200 words as well, but to be honest with you almost all the entries were over 200 words, and this particular entry shows the passion in which NASCAR fans have for their drivers - the same passion I still have for Dale Earnhardt Sr. The winner is The Stewart Fan and this is what he had to say about his favourite driver.

I like Tony Stewart because:

He's a driver. Seems like a terrible thing to say about a guy that drives for a living. What I mean is he'll race anything that's put in front of him that has an accelerator and a steering wheel, even remote control. Anything that will give him a chance to beat you (covered below).

He's got raw talent. Just strap him in and let him go. If it will go fast, he'll make it go fast. He has a championship (or two) in every organization of racing he's ever competed in.

He wants to beat you. Again, not the nicest thing to say, but it's true. Passion makes everything better, but it makes racing great. He not only wants to race, but he wants to win, and win every time. His goal for any race is to pass the car in front of him until there isn't one, and then drive until there's no more laps to turn. The trophies are nice and fence climbing is fun, but winning is what makes him tic.

He has opted out of the corporate NASCAR lifestyle. Buying his old home and moving back to Indiana has brought this boy back to his roots. Hanging out and fishing with old friends is something most NASCAR drivers just don't take the time to do anymore. A constant corporate schedule of store openings and autograph signings seems to have strangled most of the popular drivers. As a champion, there is a huge demand on his time, but he's gotten his priorities in line.

He's giving back to the sport. As a dirt track owner (and part owner of another), he's promoting the sport from a level that will make a difference. You will hear stories one day of great drivers who got their start at a track Tony Stewart owned.

He's very charitable. His organization (run by mom) has given millions to charity, including a one million dollar check to the Victory Junction Gang.

You don't have to like him, but you will respect him. NASCAR as an organization needs more drivers they can't just turn up the heat on and make them dance. Not that he doesn't dance every once in awhile; The banquet comes to mind, but not as much as others.

...and he's made not shaving cool.

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Take Care.