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Borland Leaves Penske

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... and ends up at MWR as the crew chief of Dale Jarrett's #44 Toyota Camry. As predicted here, Borland wasn't going to stay around for too long at Penske. It just happened a little earlier than expected. My exact quote was, "My take on this is that Matt will be gone from Penske before the "Traveling NASCAR Circus" hits Daytona for the second time in July. This is like the Brian Vickers thing with Hendrick this past season where Brian signed on for another 5 years with Hendrick only to then asked to be released from his new contract within weeks of signing it".

I rest my case.

Best of luck for Matt, and the 44 team - too bad they are with MWR, but at least they are guaranteed a starting spot with Dale's past Champion's Provisional.

Have you entered the contest yet? What? You haven't? Well what's keeping you?