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Dale Earnhardt's Top 10 Races

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You know how hard this was to do? So hard in fact that I'm not even going to rank them, I'm just going to put them in order by year.

April 1, 1979 - First career Cup win at Bristol. First rookie to win in their first season since 1974.

Nov. 1980 - Ontario Speedway. Dale Earnhardt held off Cale Yarborough to win his first NASCAR Championship by just 19 points. He didn't win the race, Benny Parsons did, but he claimed the Championship!

May 25, 1986 - His first Coca-Cola 600 victory. "But it was my dream to win here. I won the National 500 in 1980, and that was good but it wasn't the 600. Now that I have won, it is my dream come true."

May 17, 1987 - The Winston. Can you say, "Pass in the grass"? I know it wasn't a pass, but I mean really have you ever seen another display of driving like that at Charlotte ever since?

Feb 1990 - Daytona 500. Lost the race on the last lap due to a cut tire. Why is this an important one? Because this is when Dale came into his own. After the race, with cameras and microphones in his face, Dale showed the poise of a Champion - something that he had been lacking in the 1980's.

Feb 10, 1991 - Busch Clash. Wins the first 10 lap segment, then the field gets inverted for the last 10-lap segment and Dale moves from 14th to 1st in less then 2 laps and is unchallenged for the last 8 laps.

May 30, 1993 - Coca Cola 600. Dale is penalized twice and came back from being 1-lap down twice to claim victory and become the 1st NASCAR driver to eclipse the $17 million mark in career winnings.

May 7, 1995 - Save Mart 300 at Sears Point. Earnhardt's first career road course win.

August 5, 1995 - Brickyard 400. Second winner of the race. Certainly made for the previous year's mishap of hitting the wall on the first lap, never really getting the car back to the way it was and finishing 5th.

Feb. 15, 1998 - Daytona 500. At Last! Enough said.

August 1999 - Race 3 of the IROC Series. Dale overcomes a last lap - last turn pass by Dale Jr to narrowly win at the line. This would also be his 3rd win in a row in the IROC series making him 3 for 3 to that point.

August 28, 1999 - Bristol. Earnhardt vs Terry Labonte. Dale showed that he still isn't afraid to use his bumper and that he hasn't mellowed. This is where the famous quote, "I just tried to rattle his cage a little" gained popularity.

March 12, 2000 - Atlanta. Photo finish with Bobby Labonte at the line, with the win going to Dale. "We just came up short" - Bobby Labonte.

October 15, 2000 - Talladega. 20th with 5 to go and wins it, man if that isn't impressive I don't what is.

Feb 10 & 11, 2001 - Rolex 24hrs at Daytona. Driving in the 24hr race with several teammates including Dale Jr and finish 2nd in class is impressive when you consider he and Jr never competed in anything like that before. His involvement brought new status to the 24hr race that still remains to this day. It also paved the way for other NASCAR drivers such as Tony Stewart to be considered for this event.

So much for a Top 10 list - try Top 15 instead. And I didn't even get them all, there are still more good ones out there. You Earnhardt fans out there tell me if I'm even close, do you have one that I missed that should be added to the list? Let me know.