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Leilani Munter: NASCAR's Danica Patrick?

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Some of you may have heard of Leilani Munter, and some may not have. Some of you may know her as a reporter for, but did you know she raced cars? Some of you probably already knew that, some may not have. Did you know that she just got approved to race at Daytona in the ARCA series? Out of the 59 cars there, she ran 24th quickest in a borrowed car from Andy Hillenburg with virtually no tech support. Since she is a reporter for, catch Leilani's full Daytona story here.

A brief history of Leilani includes her up and moving to North Carolina to become a better race car driver in 2002. Before that she once worked as a photo
double for actress Catherine Zeta- Jones, was a stunt double for Kelly Hu in "Scorpion King" and has also worked as a stand in for Salma Hayek. She teamed up with Larry McReynolds to learn more about the "mechanics and aerodynamics" of a race car. She signed a multi year deal to drive for a team in 2003, but the team folded after her first race at South Boston Speedway. After that set back things have been progressively getting better for her and right now Leilani has a top quality NASCAR Busch team waiting to field ARCA cars for her during the 2007 racing season. She will be announcing the team before the 2007 ARCA season opening event on February 10, 2007 at Daytona International Speedway. No looking back now.

But is she NASCAR's Danica Patrick? Besides the fact that Leilani and Danica are attractive ladies I don't think she is. As an aside, I personally think Leilani is better looking.

A quick look at the biographies of both and you'll soon learn that Leilani is different from Danica. Disregarding other things like Education (Leilani has a BSc), the major difference between these two ladies is the fact that what ever Leilani has done she has done it herself, she hasn't had the supporting cast that Danica has had. Danica's parents moved to England to improve her open wheel experience, and had a brief stint in Canada while she attended one of North America's premier racing schools. Leilani moved by herself to further her racing career, and everything else in racing has been due to her drive and this is why Leilani is not like Danica - Leilani has done it herself, in lesser equipment too.

As long as Leilani stays away from Evernmham Motorsports (wink, wink) she will make it to the Cup level, and with the right "break" or move on her part that might be sooner than later. And she'll do it on her ability, not on her good looks - just like the men.

For more on Leilani go to her web site here.