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Dale Jr Gets Around

Look who he was visiting a week ago. This was around the same time all of this Elizabeth stuff started hitting the fan.
It seems that Dale Jr can't get away without it being on the Internet - even his friends like Matthew Good can't help but to post his picture and whereabouts on the Internet. The price of fame I guess. Picture credit goes to Matthew Good BTW.

I truly feel for the man, I really do - I honestly don't know what it is like to live in a fish bowl, but Dale Jr and others like him do 24/7. Even when he is home he is hounded. Why can't people just leave him alone and let him be, and why is it people like me, with just a little effort, can find out almost anything about him on the Internet? That shouldn't be.
Dale Jr's whereabouts is like the free market - if there is a demand there will be some one who will try to fill it. If people are craving Dale Jr info then others will post it, pure and simple. I guess by posting this I'm doing the same - God I've turned into one of those people I'm writing about! No more I say, no more!