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Don't You Think this Is Getting A Little Out of Hand?

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The question that started all of this was, "Does Jr have a girlfriend?" According to this he does. Apparently her name is Elizabeth Peschock and she is 21 yrs old. Although, Dale Jr might be engaged to Emily Maynard as of today - if you believe the rumours on the internet. I don't.

All of this was generated by a recent article in
USA Today article (see side article) where Dale Jr talks about seeing someone in his life but he refused to state who she was for fear of people tearing her apart. Well it happened - they found out and started. Given what is found here, Jr had every right to be concerned.

As a result of all of this, someone (no one knows who for sure, so I'm not speculating) has put some pictures of her out there and they have appeared on several sites, and the "rumour" is that they are not too good - possible underage drinking. If you dig around hard enough you can find them. I did. I don't think they are as bad as people are saying - just a bunch of 20 and 30 somethings going out and having some fun. I'm sure we all have pictures of ourselves somewhere doing stupid things, without meaning, all in the name of fun.

Listen, everyone is entitled to their own opinions about this subject and they have the right to voice them, but everyone is also innocent until proven guilty - not the other way around. Until it is proven that some of these pictures were taken when she was underage, what the plastic cups that she is holding contained, if Jr was in her presence when the photos were taken (after all I didn't see Jr in any of the boat pictures) and who exactly put these pictures on the internet and what was their intent in doing so, we must keep an open mind about this and not put the punishment before the crime. When the truth does come out, make your judgments, and let's see where the fall-out lands and who it lands on.

Until then leave the man alone, get a life and worry about yourselves. I can't wait for racing season to start because if this is all people can find to talk about right now then they really need to get grip on reality - either that or watch more Jerry Springer and get your fill of trash there.

Arm Update:

Thanks for all of your support regarding my arm. I'm happy to report that it is much better and that I hope to make a complete recovery from my sprain, strain, pull, (?) very soon. But some of the pain I was experiencing wasn't caused by my arm/shoulder as originally thought, when I hit the ground I apparently injured the ribs higher up in my chest on my left side. It kills me to do certain things, like coughing. Man, I'm getting too old for competitive sports - maybe I should take up cribbage.