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Kirk Shelmerdine, The Last of His Kind

Remember last year's Daytona 500 when Kirk Shelmerdine made the show in an unsponsored car and finished 20th? That was a show and a half, that's for sure. I was kind of hoping that he would pull off an even better finish like Geoff Bodine in 2002 when he finished 3rd.

The $260, 000 + he earned allowed him to try to qualify in 10 more Cup races, 2 of which he made.

Shelmerdine used to be the Crew Chief for Dale Earnhardt back in the late 80's and early 90's and left RCR to continue his career as a driver that he started before he became Dale's Crew Chief. He won 4 Championships with Dale.

He still gets aid from RCR, and even uses part of the Childress complex to house his equipment. He is the only remaining full-time independent owner/driver in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, the last of his kind as it were.

Kirk is trying to qualify for the 500 again this year but he is finding it difficult. He is using the same car as last time, but his speed is down so they are trying to find something new to get his speed up.

For the full story go
here and for a look at KSR (Kirk Shelmerdine Racing) web site go here.

I wish Kirk and his team the best of luck, and I hope he makes the 500. You would think that Richard Childress would give a little more to Kirk, maybe even turn Kirk's team into some kind of RCR development team or something. Then again, I don't know much about their relationship or how much aid RCR actually does provide him, so I could be barking up the wrong tree here. Does anyone else know?

Picture of Kirk was obtained at his
web site.