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More Junk Floating Around The Internet

Here is a brief recap of the NASCAR Junk I've found floating around on the internet tonight.

1. DEI has signed Jeffery Earnhardt as a development driver that will have him driving a second car owned by Andy Santerre to team up with Sean Caisse in the NASCAR Busch East Series. This rumour comes from Jayski via
WWVA 1170 News Radio. Well let me tell you that this is no surprise to me as he was nominated by Dale Earnhardt Inc. for GM Racing's second driver development-evaluation program late in 2006.

2. Carl Edwards apologizes to Tony Stewart. I suppose he was listening to Tony's interview that he has the $50,000 saved to pay the fine the next time Edwards calls for a little blood letting. The funny thing is the actual quote, "I've learned that we're all in this together. I'd do anything in the world for Tony. He's a good guy. I hope we can put that behind us. I hope it's water in the bridge. If we can go into Daytona and draft together and finish 1-2 in the Daytona 500, that'd be fine with me." - source
Fox Sports. "Water in the bridge"? Huh, what? I certainly hope that was an error on Fox's part. Doh! I guess the 1,2 at Daytona would only be fine if Tony were behind him. I wonder where the apology to Dale Jr is? I guess Dale has to state he has the fine money already saved too.

3. Germain Racing's 2007 plan to split the season between the Craftsman Truck Series and Nextel Cup Series is gone, thanks to a decision for Todd Bodine to vigorously defend his 2006 Truck Series championship. - source Yeah! The best news I've heard all week. That'll really save the Cup teams on the cost of rebuilding all those cars that Bodine would have wrecked while trying to prove that he is something that he really isn't - a good cup driver!

4. Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts will expand its winning NASCAR Busch Series program with Richard Childress Racing in 2007 to a full season of competition with co-drivers Jeff Burton and Scott Wimmer - source Good for Scott! He is also going to run 3 Cup races for RCR using car #33 with Holiday Inn as the sponsor. I think Scott is a deserving driver who can use this chance to drive for RCR as to further his driving career. I'd rather have his contract for half Busch and a few Cup races than drive for Morgan McClure in the #4 car any day.

5. Now I need help with this one, so if any of you out have heard something about this please inform me as I would like to know. I was watching NASCAR Preseason Thunder and Bob Dillner reported that Team Red Bull hired a hand full of key engineers, including the "areo" guy as well as people from the engine department, from DEI. Is this true? I don't know if this is a rumour or fact. I mean if this is true then I have to seriously look at my NASCAR Pool picks again. As soon as I hear more about this I'll let you know.

Take Care.