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NASCAR Changes The Point System, Again.

Well after much speculation it is official, NASCAR has "tweaked" the point system yet again. Do I like the changes? Yes and no. Let's break down each change.

1. The top twelve drivers make the Chase and the 400 point cap is gone.

I'm indifferent to this, it is pretty much the same as it was before - this just allows for the Gordons, Earnhardts and Stewarts to get in as well. What I'd like to see is the past Champion have a guaranteed Chase spot the next year and the top 10 -12 excluding the past Champ if he is in the top 10-12 get in. Maybe instead of racing for the 11th place position like in previous years to get that extra million - make it more rewarding like also getting a guaranteed spot in the Chase the next year as well. That way you take the top 10 plus the previous Champ and the "B" Pool Champ ... hmmm.

2. All 12 drivers will have their point totals re-set to 5,000; each will then receive a 10-point bonus for each race victory they had during the first 26 races.

O.k. I guess, at least they are putting more emphasis on winning in the previous 26 races. I'd like to see more points rewarded, say like 25 (something I have written about in the past, please see Thurs June 29 in the archives - Blogger won't let me make a link for some reason).

The concept of re-setting the points to 5,000 for everyone is kind of neat. What I'd like to see is a penalty for using a provisional to make the show during the first 26 races - say a loss of 5 (10 if you get the 25 point bonus instead) points for every provisional used to make the show. Also, how about a bonus of 10 points for every Pole and 5 points for every Outside Pole. Reward those who show up to race and not to 'stroke' their way into the Chase.

3. Race winners throughout the 36-race season will now receive 185 points, a five-point increase. Counting the five-point bonuses available for leading at least one lap and leading the most laps, a race winner now can earn a maximum of 195 points, creating a possible maximum of 25 points between first- and second-place finishers.

Big deal! Make it an extra 25 points instead of the 5. That would be 105 points for the win with possible max of 115 points. Emphasize winning more! You can also give more points for 2nd and 3rd as well - say an extra 15 for 2nd and 10 for 3rd.

These changes are a step in the right direction, but they are too conservative in nature. I'm no expert here but I have a feeling they will be "tweaking" the points yet again within the next 3-4 years. Let's just sit back, watch, and learn and discuss this again in about 10 months when we see the results of the changes.

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