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Some Spare Parts Kicking Around

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All of the stuff I'm about to write about I stole from Lena Richards' Blog called NASCAR FanZone.

1. Excellent story about Dale Jr in
USA Today. After reading it I do think he is a down to earth kind of guy and for all you stupid fans who won't give him the privacy he deserves you give the rest of us respectable fans a bad name and ruin it for everyone else - get a life.

2. AT&T is phasing out the
Cingular name, but NEXTEL won't allow AT&T's name on the 31 car driven by Jeff Burton and, at the moment, it appears that NASCAR's hands are tied. Interesting development to say the least. I have a feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better.

3. Scott Riggs wants his suspended crew member
Craig Curione back. Let me tell you I agree with every Lena says about this guy. He should not be allowed back in the garage area period. Scott Riggs is actually trying to take responsibility for his actions. Hey Scott, I've got news for you; the man made his own decision and acted on it - what he did he did by his own choice and he must accept the consequences for his actions. This could be a big rant for me because I feel that one of the problems with today's society is that no one ever accepts responsibility for their own actions anymore - it is always someone else's fault. No it is not! Accept responsibility for your actions people!

4. Jack Roush told
Jamie McMurray to find his own Crew Chief after he had gone through three of them this past year. Not only did he have to find one, but he had to fire the one he had. Harsh. I hope he found himself a good one in Larry Carter, who he stole from Michael Waltrip Racing within days of signing on as Mikey's crew chief. Talk about wrecking reputations - these two guys might find that it is easier to wreck one than to build one. When will people learn that Jack Roush doesn't put up with diva-driver antics - just ask Kurt Bush.

If you haven't checked out Lena's Blog lately you should, she has developed a good blog there.

Take Care.