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Stick To What You Know or Do a Little Research At Least

Here is a good reason why people should write about what they know and not about what they think they know - or at least do a little research before doing so.


- First of all Harvick doesn't drive for DEI.
- He didn't know that Teresa was Jrs Stepmom
- He didn't know that Jr and Teresa weren't exactly close
- Maybe if he knew that Dale Sr drove for RCR (Richard Childress Racing) and that Harvick was in Sr's old ride he would get the connection

It is for reasons like these that I don't write about basketball - I'm just not knowledgeable enough to do a good enough job.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, informed or otherwise I guess. It appears that at least NASCAR is getting press out of this issue if non-NASCAR people are talking about it. Sometimes any press is good press, especially before the biggest publicized race of the year THE DAYTONA 500!!!!!