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I Hope Sunday Is As Good As Saturday

Today's Busch race at 'Dega was good, right down to the finish.

Bobby Labonte! Whew, he drove that car to perfection, right down to the side draft coming up and then moving away so Tony didn't get an advantage. He looked like someone who drove a black Monte Carlo a few years back. He even cooked the motor. Cool.

I hope Tony Stewart doesn't get another fine after his Victory Lane congratulations to Bobby were heard on air. He used the 'hell' word. Oops!

What about Edwards and his bump drafting of teammate Greg Biffle? Man he had such a run and gave him two hard shots he surely should have realized there was another car in front 'The Biff'. At 190 mph there really isn't enough room for error - or too aggressive driving. I'm sure there are going to be some pretty interesting conversations in the Roush/Fenway camp tonight.

As much as Kyle Busch has been a bit of a target for me lately I'm glad he was able to walk away from his crash today. He was fine until he hit the grass, and then all 'heck' (that way I won't get fined) broke loose. And fire is never good at any time. Wrecks like his are the reason why they got rid of the grass on the back stretch between the track and inside wall - I remember some pretty horrendous crashes because of that grass.

Can't wait for Sunday!

Photo Credits: The Pass - by Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR, The Roll-Over - AP Photo/Mark Young