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Want Fries With That? and Can You See What Is Wrong With This Picture?

If you didn't know already, Matt Kenseth won today in the Busch race at Texas. With this win Arby's, his sponsor, "will give away free medium curly fries to celebrate the #17 win.

Customers who bring in a printed copy of the official race results from a newspaper or web site, or a free fry coupon from, to participating Arby's on April 16th will receive their free order of curly fries.

"It’s another #17 win and another Matt’s Monday free curly fry day at Arby’s," said Kenseth. "I’m glad I could bring it home for the fans!"" - source Business Wire

Aside from the exciting fact that everyone in the U.S. of A gets free fries (not available in Canada - sorry folks) did anyone notice that the top 11 finishers were Cup regulars? I know Carl Edwards is running full-time in Busch this year, but still.

The poaching of the Busch Series continues.

On another note, look at this picture of car owner Dale Jr working on Shane Huffman's car. Look very close ... not at him, but at the car. What do you see? Click on the picture and enlarge it. Can you see it? No? I'll tell you what I see - a RCR valve cover. Yep, Jr Motorsports is running Richard Childress engines in their cars, and not DEI horsepower.

Is this another indication of just how far behind DEI has become in their resources and engine development program? I don't know, but I'm interested in knowing. Does anyone know Dale Jr well enough to ask him why he has RCR engines and not DEI's under the hood of Shane Huffman's car?

Finally, I'm glad that Paul Tracy is doing well after breaking his back in a crash today while practicing for the Indy race in Long Beach this weekend.
Photo Credits: Matt Kenseth - Ronald Martinez/Getty Images, Dale Jr - Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images, and Paul Tracy - AP/Dave Waters