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Dale Jr's Driving Fate Decided ...

... but we won't find out until tomorrow at 11:00 am.


According to many sources on the Internet, with them quoting many sources from other sources that state they got their information from unconfirmed sources 'in the know', Dale Jr is going to Hendrick Motorsports and is taking over the #5 ride (whether it stays #5 I don't know) with the young seemingly arrogant Kyle Busch departing for elsewhere (DEI perhaps? Hmm ...).


Personally, I don't know. It would make sense for Hendrick to want Jr in his organization instead of Busch. It would make sense for any other Chevy powered organization to want Jr in their fold as well. With Richard Childress away on a hunting trip to New Zealand, it would appear that Dale isn't going there because you would think that he would make his announcement when Richard returned if he were really going there. Wouldn't it? And with Joe Gibbs stating that they would like Jr, but not his sponsor - we have always assumed that Bud would be following him, right? - then would could also assume that he wouldn't be going there either. But what about VISA as the possible sponsor for Jr at JGR? That has been rumoured too.


Hendrick makes sense because that organization is the place to be right now, and they will provide Jr with the best chance at winning his first Championship.


I'm going to go with this Hendrick thing too, not because I believe the whole 'source' chain outlined earlier, or because I have my own source, but because the difference between Dale's current car number (8) and his possible new one (5) is 3, the exact same number his Daddy's car was when he won 6 of his 7 Championships.


Also, Dale Sr was 32 when he made the switch from Bud Moore back to Childress, the same age that Jr. is now when he is making the same type of choices. Dale Jr and Sr's ages (32) when broken down into separate digits represents the same car numbers that Dale Sr drove to win his 7 Championships; car #2 and car #3 - and if you want to get technical Dale Sr drove the #2 car to his first Championship, and Dale Jr could potentially win his first Championship next year driving for his 2nd Cup team ever.


The 3 Factor is alive and well.