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Giving a Local Boy a Promo

Brad Herron drives in the Thunder Stock Division at a local dirt track near Hamilton Ontario, called Ohsweken Speedway. Last year he finished solidly in the points and if it weren't for a wrong carburetor being placed on his car by the engine builder, he could very well have finished 1st or 2nd in the points.

Last weekend Brad went out and destroyed the field after having an altercation on the track the week before that resulted in some damage to his car. Brad is currently sitting 1st in the points right now and I don't expect him to move out of that position too much this season.

This guy is a cool headed driver that demonstrates patience beyond his years and his crew chief, who hates driving the cars himself, really can set up a car and make it turn.

These guys do this for the love of the sport an nothing else. The money that they may make at these races does not off-set their costs - not even close. Nobody on the team gets paid, it is almost exclusively a family affair.

Brad could have been at Tony Stewart's big dirt bash called 'Prelude to a Dream' that is offered on pay-per-view as well - in fact he even had tickets that his wife got for him but he wants to win the Championship and if he went to Tony's event he would miss a week of racing and that just wasn't good.

It is people like Brad and his crew/family that race all over Canada and the United States every weekend at local tracks that keep the true spirit of racing alive and well.

It is my firm belief that given the right opportunities Brad (even though he is a Jeff Gordon fan), and others like him, could drive in the ranks of NASCAR and be competitive. If I were one of those premadonna NASCAR drivers I would be watching my back because there will always be someone just waiting to get into your seat and be just as good if not better than you, so you boys better just smarten up because someone like Brad is just waiting for a chance to get your ride.

By the way, if anyone is willing to sponsor Brad - he is looking for about $1000 to just get the season's gas and tires paid for - just drop me a comment or email at and I'll pass the info along to him.
Photo Credits: Brad in the 12 car and Brad with the checkers