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I'm Back, With A Lot To Write About Too

Well, I'm finally done that 'thing' for work and life in my end of the world is back to normal - if you can call it that. There is so much to talk about, so I'll just do it in point form. Please feel free to comment on anything and everything I talk about - I'm sure there are a few of you who might have something to say too.

1. First off, I want to congratulate Juan Montoya on his win this past weekend. The final 20 laps of the race were great! His patience was tested again and again, and he almost lost it in turn 11, but regained his composure and remained level-headed for the remainder of the race. It was awesome to watch.

He earned me a 100 point bonus in my NASCAR Pool as being a first-time winner. This is a Pool that I started well over 10 yrs ago, and had to give up a few years back because I just wasn't doing a good enough job at it with a new family and all (thanks to Bill and Peggy for picking up the torch and doing an awesome job in continuing the Pool).

This Pool is also where I got the bug for writing about NASCAR as I would also give out a full commentary about the race and the week's events leading up to the race with each Pool Update (complete with pictures too). Now I'm doing this blogging thing, which takes more time than running the Pool, but I'm more adjusted with the kids and the 'family' life style too.

2. Tony Eury Sr. is leaving DEI and becoming the head of motorsports at JR Motorsports. I wonder if this will make it easier for Tony Jr to leave and go to Hendrick's with Dale Jr? I think so. The mice are starting to leave the ship, I just wonder if the ship is really sinking after all though. I mean Martin Truex Jr is running well right now and is becoming the #1 guy next year with a sponsor signed too. I could still see Kyle Busch there or even The Biff too. Neither one of those guys would hurt the organization (as long as Kyle kept his 'macho-man bad-boy act' to himself in front of the mirror after he showers that is).

3. Aric Almirola has been quoted as saying, "I'm happy at JGR" and that he, "will get his first win eventually at JGR."

Of course, what do you expect him to say? He is in contract negotiations for next year with JGR after all. You don't want to bite the hand that feeds you, do you?

All I know is that Juan's win took a little heat off of the Almirola removal decision by JGR. Having Juan win less than 24hrs of the Almirola situation allowed NASCAR to look good with its diversity program. Can you imagine the outcry of the Almirola situation if Juan hadn't won? It wouldn't have been pleasant.

I hate people who use the "Race Card", but you know someone out there would have pulled it out and used it. Anyone with half a brain would have seen that the Almirola thing was about money and not race, but there are narrow-minded conspirators that would have cried foul and used the "race card" like a implement of mass destruction to prove one of their seriously flawed ideals as the truth, as they see it anyway.

4. Well those Jeff Gordon and Gordon Clone haters must be steaming that those two didn't get enough of the NASCAR rule book thrown at them, and to contrast, those Gordon and Gordon Clone fans are probably screaming that they were punished too much. My take? Does it matter? No .. not really, but I'm going to tell you anyway. NASCAR got it right, what else could they do? They set a precedent with Dale Jr, so they had to do at least the same to both Jeff and Jimmie as they did to Dale. I predict that the punishments will continue to be just as severe, if not more, for similar infractions in the future.

5. Just as I though NASCAR was finally getting consistent with passing their verdict down in those who have 'sinned', they go and do the thing they're best at - being inconsistent with their rulings.

Last weekend Craftsmen Truck competitor Ted Musgrave wrecked with rookie Kelly Bires, Ted then restarted his truck and chased down Bires forcing him into the wall. NASCAR immediately parked him for the rest of the race and now they have suspended him for one race, plus issued the obligatory monetary fine and owner/driver point deductions.

Personally, I don't see this as being any different than what Kurt Busch did on Pit Road two weeks ago. Kurt's incident involved the potential injury to a pit crew member, potential damage to his and Tony's cars as well as possible injury to either one of them, where as this incident just involved Ted and Kelly with no third party involvement.

As a matter of fact, I feel that this incident isn't as severe as the Carl Edwards' "Days of Thunder"-esque move on Dale Jr at the end of a Busch race last summer and Carl only got the obligatory monetary/point fine with no suspension.

What can I say? Except that is what NASCAR has always been like and will continue to be like for a long to come yet.

OK, that's it for now. I'll be back tomorrow to share my wisdom. Also, Charlie over at Bench Racing has an interesting take on 'what could have been' that, after a little research, I want to comment on tomorrow as a 'this is probably what happened anyway'.

BTW - Just got my awesome tickets for the Aug race at MIS - more about this later. Thanks Rob!

Also, check out the number on the very first batting helmet my son ever put on during T-Ball evaluation a few weeks ago. Swear to God he just picked it up out of the pile and put it on himself - I was over talking to my wife when he did it and then I saw it and grabbed my camera to take a picture.

Ignore the date on the picture, my battery fell out and I just stuck it back in and never bothered to change the date.

The 3-Factor is alive and well.

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