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It Is Official, Dale Jr Will Replace Kyle Buschat Hendrick Motorsports Next Year

The announcement came just shortly after 11:00 am this morning. As predicted by most of the NASCAR know-it-alls (myself included) Dale has signed on with Hendrick for 5 years as the driver of the #5 car.


Still to be answered are the following:


Question: Will it still be the #5 car, or will they get #8 from DEI?
Answer: In my opinion Dale's car stands a better chance of being the #3 than the #8 right now - in other words, it ain't happen' cats.


Question: What happens to Kellogg's as a sponsor? They've got another year on their contract after all.
Answer: Nothing. Kellogg's stays put and Budweiser sponsor one of Dale Jr's Busch cars until 200 and then comes on board with Hendrick and Jr. Or, Bud stays with DEI and the number 8 and a different driver. Or, Kellogg's leaves and Bud joings Dale Jr at Hendricks.


Question: Where does Kyle Busch end up?
Answer: Who cares. OK, seriously. He ends up at DEI driving for Budweiser. Think about it, it is the perfect rivalry between Kyle and Kurt - they will both be driving beer cars and lately they've been carrying a bit of a grudge/rivalry.