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Missed It, Darn T-Ball!

Tony Stewart was in town at one of the 2 local Home Depots (store 7008) signing autographs this evening and I was not there. Instead, I was coaching my son's T-Ball team to victory! OK, we don't really keep score but just getting a bunch of 4-6 year olds out on the diamond and playing a little ball without playing in the infield sand is victory enough.


You know, if I weren't the coach I would have been there and my wife would have taken my son to the game - such is life.


A friend of mine was probably going to go and she said she would get me his autograph and some pictures for my blog. I hope she made it.


Oddly enough he is making this appearance not at the first Home Depot built in our area - or even a little further down the highway in Toronto - but at the Home Depot that has the brand new Lowes opening its doors in just a few short weeks just down the street (and technically around the corner too).


I like Tony. I may not be his biggest fan, but I respect him for what he has accomplished as a driver. I think he gets a bum deal from the press from time to time, but sometimes he does reap what he sows. I do think he has gotten a lot better in dealing with the media over the last few years, even with the whole 'NASCAR is like the WWE' fiasco a few weeks back. The only reason it was as big as it was, was because it was Tony that said it. Other drivers had said the same thing but they weren't 'dealt' with like Tony was because they are not Tony and they don't have the history that Tony does with the media.


If I get those pictures I'll post them up ASAP.