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Tony Stewart's Autograph Story

Remember last Thursday when I complained that I was missing a meet and greet with Tony Stewart at the local Home Depot Store? Well some friends of mine were able to go and here is their story, in their own words as given to me by email. My edits are the italics in brackets.

Hi Bob,
Too bad you couldn't make it to the Tony Stewart frenzied autograph signing. After waiting in line for an hour and being fairly close to the end of the line, we were informed that Tony had not even arrived at the airport. He was due to arrive at 7:20 p.m. (almost 3hrs later than he was supposed to be). We thought that perhaps we'd have better luck seeing him at the airport (a 20 minute drive from the Home Depot they were at, depending on traffic of course) but did not want to give up our place at the end of the line. It's a good thing that Nascar fans are easy going people (I already knew that, as did you I'm sure) or there could have been a riot. Home Depot handed out water bottles to subdue the crowd and time went by quickly. We finally got to see Tony around 8:30 p.m. (looking very tired, but none-the-less was a perfect gentlemen I was later told) and he was signing only one item per fan (originally it was to be two items, but they were behind schedule and this is why Rob wasn't able to get me an autographed picture like he said he would). The highlight of the evening came when things were wrapping up. Rob, went to the bathroom and was the only one in the bathroom at the time. A gentleman came in and stood right beside him as Rob remarked to himself (in a cloud bubble above his head is how I picture this),
"There are 4 "freakin" urinals and you have to stand right next to me!" A quick glance over to his right and there was Tony Stewart! A quick change of attitude there no doubt. Rob wished Tony well in Michigan while they were at the sinks and Tony replied, "Thank you Sir." Pretty cool eh? Hope you can use the pics.

Well there you have it, Tony Stewart's big Home Depot appearance. It was so big around here that TSN, NASCAR's official broadcaster and ESPN affiliate in Canada didn't even talk about it. The Home Depot that Tony was at is less then 1hr away from their studios in Toronto.

I can't really get too mad at TSN, the Hamilton Spectator (the big newspaper for this area) didn't even write about it in the sports section the next day - they chose to focus on the possible move of the NHL's Nashville Predators to the Hamilton area instead. I've got news for everyone, The Preds are not coming here, the NHL board of governors won't allow it - especially if Buffalo and Toronto have any say in it, which they do. Tony Stewart has a better chance of coming here than the Preds do.

The pictures are of Rob and his son Michael along with Tony (click on the pics, they are huge!).