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15 Minutes of Fame Gone Out The Window

Don't forget to enter the "Kodak Ticket Give Away" for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the NASCAR Sharp AQUOS 500 race on September 2, 2007 at California Speedway. Click here for all of the rules and info. Good Luck!

Tomorrow will be the premier of ABC's "NASCAR in Primetime: an Inside Look at Life in the Fast Lane". It is a 5 part news program where "ABC News gets an exclusive look inside the world of NASCAR". Check your local listings, but the first episode should be airing at 10/9c.

So what does this have to do with 15 minutes of fame? It has to do with 15 minutes of my fame, or lack there of now. You see I was contacted by ABC News to be part of this series. Huh, you ask? Simple, they were looking to follow some NASCAR fans for a racing weekend that had to travel long distances to get to the track and, since I live in Canada I guess, I was contacted through this blog site to be part of that story. Unfortunately, the weekend they wanted to follow me, which was the Coca Cola 600 weekend, I was busy packing because we were moving to our new house the very next weekend. I could have easily have had tickets to that race too, because I knew a few people who had some extra tickets up for grabs. Oh well, such is life.

I'll be watching this news series closely now as I'm interested to see how the fan portion of the series turns out since I was almost part of it.

On to other things. That "Tattoo Tuesday" idea I had last week didn't turn out too well. I guess I didn't 'pimp' it enough. Maybe I should go Full Throttle (sorry Marc) on it and re-introduce it in a few months once I have a catalogue of tattoos to feature. In any event, I did get one hard core fan to submit a tattoo to me. His name is TireDawg and some of you might know him from his Blog, "In The Pits". Thanks Dawg and here is his story:

"This tattoo was done by Pat Vasser at Psychotic Ink in St. Petersburg Fla. Not only is he a good friend he is also one whale of an artist. I got this tattoo to honor our fallen hero, Dale Sr. Ironhead has been my childhood hero. To this day at 43 years old, I still get steamy eyed over the loss. So in my mind Dale Sr. will always be with me and a part of me. There ya have it a readers digest version." -TireDawg

Check out what I had to say about Kyle Petty's broken hand at "The Pit Stop".