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Awesome Bill From Dawsonville Truly Is"Awesome"

The 17 'billion' time winner of NASCAR's Most Popular Driver Award just gave up his seat today in the Wood Brother's prepared #21 Ford to Boris Said. It was, "in the best interest of the team" Bill Elliott explained.


Said, who was not in the Cup Race this weekend because of qualifying being rained-out, thought Bill was joking at first, but was later happy with the offer.

Bill feels that at this particular moment in time Boris is the better road racer and wanting to secure that valuable 35th spot on the Owner's Point List for the Wood Bros he gave up his seat in favour of Boris.

I don't care who you are, that takes a lot of testicular fortitude to give up your seat like that, on your own, and hand it over to some else. That shows that you truly care about the team you're with when you give up your seat and potential pay-check to some one else.

What makes this even better is that Boris is a nice guy and deserves the shot to race on Sunday. Too bad his regular sponsors won't be there with him, but if this race helps him to secure better rides in the future then his sponsors won't mind at all, because he'll more than likely bring them along with him.

It's official, that #21 car is one of the cars that I'm going to be cheering for on Sunday.

Here is the last and Final HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT teaser. I will make the 'official' HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow sometime after the race.

Now I'm not going to say you are going to meet them, but you might see them if you win!


Have you put it all together yet? Stay tuned, bookmark this site, and visit often for your chance to win. If you still haven't figured it out, then just come by on Sunday for all of the 'official' details of this HUGE Contest/Giveaway.