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Bristol: Now That's Different!

I just finished watching the Busch Bristol race. It was on a time-delay so I can barely keep my eyes open while writing this (it is 2:00 am right now). In a way I'm fortunate that it was on a time delay because I would have missed it otherwise because I spent most of the evening at the hospital with my son (possible broken foot - we'll know more in the morning).


You know, as a parent it is difficult to see your child in any pain and the only thing you want to do is take it away for them. My Mom used to say to me when I was a kid, "Honey, if I could take it away and give it to myself I would" and I would think, "Ya, right who you foolin'?" But you know, now that I'm a Daddy I can see that she really meant it, because if there was any way that I could take his pain/injury away from him and give it to myself I would in an instant.


Anyway, back to Bristol. Tonight's race was a good one. Did you see the passing? The side by side racing? The fender rubbin'? Wow, if I knew racing was going to be this good I would have been lobbying for a resurfacing of the track a while ago. I can't wait for tomorrow's race.


Congratulations to Kasey Kahne on his win tonight. I thought it was a good race for the lead, with Kahne, Newman, and Leffler going toe-to-toe-to-toe, with David Reutimann and a hard charging Kyle Bush coming close at the end. Even with all the cut down tires and spinning cars, they raced each other fairly clean and that is a very positive note. It would have been interesting to see what Kyle would have done if he had caught Kahne at the end, we were just a few laps short in finding out.


Speaking of Kyle Busch, he got the raw end of NASCAR's policing policy, but you know, it is kind of hard to feel sorry for him. I think that he handled himself nicely on the track, as well as his crew. What goes on behind closed doors though might be a different thing. I expect that it there is anything involving a close call with Kyle in tomorrow's race (including bumper tag with Harvick) I think NASCAR is going to look at Kyle a little more favourably - not because they like him but because they owe him.


I'm sorry I haven't posted much this week, but I spent a few days up North with my family and we had a great time, until we got home and my son hurt himself. I really had more to say about my Michigan experience, as well as write up one solid rant. I still aim to do those things over the next week so stay tuned - especially for the rant and I think you'll have something to add to it when I'm done.


Speaking of Michigan, here is something funny:


I turned my cell phone on today and it immediately started buzzing with a text message, from Tuesday. You see I very rarely have my cell phone on and I only use it when the kids are at school/daycare in case someone there needs to get in touch with me, otherwise I only use it very sparingly - I'm not important enough to have it on all the time. Anyway, it was some of my friends asking me if I was still in Michigan for the race, and that they were just leaving Alabama, where they were visiting relatives, and headed to Bristol for the races.


They even called me today from the track just after qualifying to see if I wanted them to pick me up anything - I wasn't home at the time of the call (see above for why). Apparently they are headed to Martinsville after Saturday's race because there is a special thing going on there on Sunday where you can actually drive your own car on the track.


I really hope they have a good time this weekend, but I still hope it rains on them - at least for a little while (sorry Lena)! Bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter, that's me!