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Busch Breaks Through The Field To Take CheckerFlag at Pocono

After yesterday's Busch Series race in Montreal, anything today short of the 1979 Daytona 500 finish would pale by comparison - and it did. But none-the-less the Pocono race showed just how strong the Penske organization has been working to get their Dodges up to the front.


Kurt Busch was the class of the field today, a regular 'Teflon Dodge' on the track. He led the first lap and he led the last lap, and he led a whole bunch in between.


With this win Kurt is now 12th in the point standings, with Dale Jr just a few points behind him.


Dale Jr also ran a good race today. Considering his car handled like a Ford Pinto on a sheet of ice, resulting in a spin out in the last half of the race, he came away from Pocono with about the least amount of damage done to his point total as could happen. Jr finished 2nd today but still lost 12th place to today's race winner Kurt Busch.


I've got to give the DEI Budweiser Team some credit, that was a pretty good call to change the shock. Pocono is a very long track and they had enough time to do the necessary repairs before the field came around to the start. You would not have seen that done at nearly any other track in NASCAR land.


Again, my congrats to Kurt Busch for winning the race.