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On Pause For A Day or So

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, things have gotten a little out of hand over here! No, nothing to do with the fighting and bare breasts in Michigan either, just some good ol' family time. My wife managed to get a few days off this week so we've been doing a ton of things with the kids and it has just been too busy to get to the computer.

I should be back at it either late Friday or Saturday sometime.

Take Care, and to my friends going to Bristol - I HOPE IT RAINS ON YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so I'm still a little bitter about Michigan being rained out.

Some of you have also emailed me, sorry I haven't replied - (I've read them, if that is good for anything). I'll get to it on Saturday I promise.


PS - The five names have been selected for the Kodak ticket give away, and my last contact with Kodak (yesterday) stated that all but two people have been contacted by them (should have given me your complete addresses). Thanks for taking part in the give away, it was fun working with Kodak on this one.