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Puck You, I'm From Canada, eh!

Jacques Villeneuve has finally gotten his feet wet in NASCAR after completing his 2 day test in a BDR truck at Chicagoland Speedway with still unemployed Slugger Labbe as his acting crew chief.

Jacques tried to get into NASCAR with Jack Roush earlier this year, but no deal was struck and now he is trying to get a foot hold in NASCAR with the ailing BDR race team. Plans have him running the last 6 Truck races of the season with a 'possible' foray into Cup for a as of yet to be determined date. Could we see him in that green coloured car currently driven by the soon to be unemployed Jeremy Mayfield? Maybe baby.

"I needed to do something in racing that was at an extremely high level, which NASCAR is, but something different," said Villeneuve.

"I didn't look at IRL (or Champ Car); I only concentrated on NASCAR. After Formula 1, when you want to carry on racing, you want it to be at a top level. And in North America, the top level is NASCAR. And I was missing the ovals also, so it sounded like a great challenge."

We'll see if he is up to the challenge. A lot has been said in the past about his lack of commitment to his team, so we'll just have to wait and see if those rumours are just that, rumours, or in fact truth. I would imagine that with the race schedule that NASCAR drivers and their teams face day in and day out we will find out early in the season next year if Jacques has what it takes or not. I hope he does, as I just might end up cheering for someone on a more regular basis.

I hope really does make it, if for no other reason then to tick off the Kansas City Star!