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Robby Gordon Faces More Penalties For His Manic Montreal Melodrama

Again, like Tony Stewart's little "slip of the lip", we didn't see this fine coming, did we? Surprising enough it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be with one exception (which I will get to later).

Robby was fined 35,000 for "Actions detrimental to Stock Car Racing ..." under the beloved Section 12-4-A of the all encompassing NASCAR Rule Book - yes it does exist - and was placed on probation until Dec. 31, 2007. Hmm .. he acts like that and gets the same monetary fine as Tony Stewart's comment about bull poop? Hard to believe.

Anyway, here is the part that I find very interesting; "The fine and probation also carried the stipulation that if, during the remaining NASCAR events in 2007, there is another action by Gordon that is deemed by NASCAR officials as detrimental to stock-car racing or to NASCAR, or is disruptive to the orderly conduct of an event, he will be suspended indefinitely from NASCAR." - source:

What that means is that if he screws up in anything NASCAR related, anything at all, he will be suspended indefinitely. That means if he drives in the Truck Series and gets penalized under NASCAR's favourite rule (12-4-A) he's gone. If his car fails inspection in any NASCAR series(pre or post, it doesn't matter), he's gone as long as he is punished under Section 12-4-A. This is large, as NASCAR punishes everyone, absolutely everyone, under Section 12-4-A of the Rule Book.

Oddly enough NASCAR didn't take any points away from him (at least that is what was reported initially).

Finally, the reaction to Robby's actions has been quite interesting here in Canada. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) is planning on developing a made for TV movie about what happened in Montreal this past weekend called "Watch Me When I Kill" (see picture of movie poster). The movie was originally going to be a remake of the B-movie from 30 years ago, but they decided to re-vamp the script and make it about a race car driver who goes berserk during a race. The new movie poster will either feature a likeness of Marcos Ambrose or a NASCAR official in the sunglasses.

Can't wait to watch it after Hockey Night In Canada later this year.

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