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Speed Rocks!

Let me tell you Speed TV knows how to put on a show at the track. I was able to attend the Smash Mouth concert on Sat. night at MIS as well as NASCAR Raceday Built by The Home Depot and got to see first hand how the Network runs its shows.

Saturday evening was a blast with Smash Mouth. They aren't too bad live. They kicked it off with 2 ripping Van Halen tunes, and then hit you with a bevy of their own hits. The crowd was pretty good, but as the evening turned into night there were more incidents of fighting. I know that it is impossible to control who does what and when, but everyone around us noted that it was amazing how fast the security guards came around when a girl decided to bare her breasts, but when a fight broke out they were no where to be seen. Things that make you go hmm.

Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't a rowdy drunken, free for all, in fact it was pretty calm compared to some of the concerts I've been to - without alcohol even! I've got to give the fans at MIS credit for policing themselves during the concert, I think they did an awesome job looking out for each other in the rain and mud. Everyone went wanting a good time, and 95% of us did.

On Sunday we were fortunate enough to get some prime spots for the Trackside telecast. The powers that be did a good job in getting the cold wet fans worked up to a frenzy with all of the free swag they were giving out - they also did a good job in helping the fans forget they were cold and wet. I can't believe the amount of stuff Speed threw out into the crowd. I've got to give them credit, that is the most swag I've seen anyone give out during an event like that.

Kenny Wallace is the best at getting the crowd worked up, and he is easily the crowd favourite. When not on camera he is following the script and prompting the crowd with his hands, trying to get them to vocalize their reactions even more - what a showman. Honestly, I can't see a sponsor that wouldn't want him as a pitchman - he could put Michael Waltrip to shame. Somebody please give him a solid ride. He is a good solid driver, and potential winner, that suffers from a lack of good equipment.

I hope that Speed remains part of the NASCAR community for a long time to come as they add so much more to the races, both on the air and at the track. They do such a good job at the track that it makes the fan experience much more enjoyable. Thank you Speed!

Speed Rocks!