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What's Your Call? and Stay Tuned!

I've been sitting on this for a week or so (darn that whole Robby Gordon thing), but now I'm ready to let you have it.


Prior to the Brickyard 400 (yep, I still call it that) ESPN ran a brief feature about how certain other sports have the 'Big 4' events each year (ie. Tennis, Golf, etc.) and they posed this question to a few drivers, "What are the Big 4 races each year for NASCAR?" Most everybody answered Daytona, The All-Star Race, and The Brickyard as the first three, but there was a lot of different opinions as to the fourth race.


Some other answers were (in no particular order):


Daytona 400
Coca Cola 600 (longest race)
Bristol Night Race
The last Race before the Chase (Richmond as of now)
Darlington (oldest track on the circuit)


So let's here it, what do you think is the 4th most important race in the NASCAR Cup Series? This is assuming of course you agree with the first 3 on the list.



Before I let you go you need to bookmark "NASCAR Ranting and Raving Blog" and visit this site a lot over the next few days. I have a HUGE announcement that you will be interested in, especially those of you in California, and if you are not paying attention you'll be too late.