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Hansbrough OK, Should Be Back in Two Weeks

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↵News late in the week that Tar Heel talisman Tyler ↵Hansbrough would be out "indefinitely" with a shin injury ↵knotted up some Chapel Hill stomaches, no doubt. But as ↵usual, that tricky "I" word overstated the situation, and ↵the Winston-Salem Journal is now reporting Psycho ↵T will likely ↵rest only two weeks. It's a "stress reaction" and not a ↵fracture. ↵
↵⇥"Tyler had some tests today that gave us more ↵⇥information," Williams said in a prepared statement. "There ↵⇥is a great possibility that we will hold Tyler out of ↵⇥practice for the next two weeks, then re-evaluate his ↵⇥condition at that time."
↵⇥Hansbrough's inactivity could run up to the season opener. ↵⇥North Carolina will play Penn two weeks from today in ↵⇥Chapel Hill in its first game as the unanimous No. 1 team ↵⇥in both national polls. ↵
↵There are two indisputable facts about Hansbrough: the dude ↵is tough as a $3 steak, and he is one of the best players ↵in college basketball. Without Hansbrough, UNC would be ↵highly ranked -- Ty Lawson stayed in school, Wayne ↵Ellington's still around, the freshman class is filled with ↵studs like Tyler Zeller. But Psycho T makes them the unanimous preseason No. 1, making this ↵relatively good news something bright for Heels fans.↵

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