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The Morning Constitutional

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QBs CAN throw from beyond the line of scrimmage | Shutdown Corner
↵A closer look at the ridiculous rule that helped the Giants win last night.
↵George Mason's Getting a New Mascot | D.C. Sports Bog
↵The ugliest, most low budget mascot in college hoops is being fazed out. It is a sad day for my alma mater, GMU.
↵A Drunken, Bloody, Vikings-Packers NFL Thriller | Busted Coverage
↵The NFL may very well have enacted the Code of Conduct policy specifically for Vikings-Packers games. (Warning: women in bikinis on the other side of that link.)
↵T-Time: Calling for Cowher in Cleveland | FirstCuts
↵If you're a Browns fan with 10 bucks to spare, you too can help support the movement to get Cowher in Cleveland.
↵Redskins Spent the Bye at Disney World | Mr. Irrelevant
↵Chris Cooley and Jason Campbell take a premature trip to Disney.↵

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