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Cavs House of Cards Now Being Held Up By Power Forward Wally Szczerbiak

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I'm really bad at masking my consternation, even contempt, for the Cavs. It's because I think LeBron James rules the world, and it frustrates me to no end that he can't get a solid supporting cast. You know, one that anyone outside of Cleveland would nod his head at approvingly. Case in point: This latest line-up tweak by Mike Brown, which has pretty boy perimeter ace Wally Szczerbiak coming off the bench as a power forward. To spell what's left of Ben Wallace. ↵
↵Brown, in the Morning Journal: ↵
↵⇥"Wally is playing hard. When he gets a look, he's being aggressive with it. People don't realize how big and strong he is. It better suits him to bang with a power forward than chase someone like Ray Allen or a '2' guard with some athleticism. He'll break his behind to do that, but he'll be three steps behind. This way, stick nose in there and fight." ↵
↵Well, those Cavs are 5-2 and likely to make the Eastern Finals, especially with the Pistons and Iverson not looking so hot together. So sure, Wally is a banger now, at least on defense. And on offense, he goes straight to the hole. That's the Szczerbiak I've come to know over the years, for sure. Not the defensive sieve who indiscriminately jacked up threes and would occasionally surprise you by driving the lane when the room was there. ↵
↵So great, glad to know that this late in his game, he's become a totally different player, not even the best player you would've expected a reformed brat to be. What imagination and innovation going on in Cleveland. If you can't tell, I'm kidding. Throwing Bron in at power forward is one thing -- it's a different look that goes off of the King's innate flexibility. But Wally in the post? This is a house of cards. Just like it is ever year. ↵
↵The Cavs can win 60 games, but they'll be vulnerable as long as they're held together by this kind of transparently stupid idea. Before anyone jumps to Wally's defense, why don't you survey his entire career, his actual strengths and limitations, and then tell me if this seems like a long-term plan you can rely on. FREE J.J. HICKSON!!!!!!↵

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