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Look What's Baaack: Scheyer Face!

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For those sad folks out there previously unfamiliar with Scheyer Face, you’ve really been missing out. Although you likely know what Scheyer Face is if you watch Duke on any sort of regular basis, but just never realized it was an entire movement. For more, please peruse Google’s offerings on the topic. ↵

↵Alright, now that we’re all on the same page here, Scheyer Face made its triumphant return to the sporting landscape last night when Duke opened the NCAA Hoops season (with apologies to GA Southern and Houston) against a church youth group going by the moniker Blue Hose. AP, the money shot, if you’d please: ↵


↵ ↵


↵BAM! First Scheyer Face of the new season! Now that is how you know hoops is back. Well, that and ESPN’s typical Duke lovefest. And while the Duke-Presbyterian game wasn’t exactly a basketball clinic (if you were making a case for why the NBA is better than NCAA, this game might’ve been Exhibit A), it was college basketball, a sport we have a great affinity for here at The Sporting Blog. The action continues tonight with the barn-burner that is Michigan Tech vs. Michigan on The U. ↵


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