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The Morning Constitutional

Ivanovic Off The Market, Entwined With Tennis Pro | Sports By Brooks
Shocking: Ana's new BF has a euro mullet.
↵Unveiling the Bong and Coke Photo | Pro Football Talk
↵I'm sure it's just tobacco in that bong and sugar on the table that injured Eagles rookie cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu is enjoying. (Warning: Link contains drug paraphernalia, as you may have already figured out.)
↵Post #1377: The Relatively Short Goodbye | Fire Joe Morgan
↵One of the finest and funniest sports blogs bids farewell after over three years of making us laugh.
↵Greatest Invention Ever | Deuce of Davenport
↵I'm not sure what the point of running on a treadmill is if you don't have a television in front of you.
↵Ali's Upper Body: Creepiest. eBay. Ever. | FirstCuts
↵I can't even begin to understand or explain this, so just click the link and check it out for yourself.↵

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